Umholtz Philadelphia Judo School

Welcome to the Philadelphia Judo webpage. Please do not confuse Umholtz Judo with any other Philadelphia Judo school. We are the original Philadelphia Mixed Martial Arts School founded over two decades ago by Damon Umholtz and his two brothers Ewan and Avram. We have chosen to keep our webpage simple and insightful in order to better serve and inform the Philadelphia Judo community.

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Umholtz Judo is a Philadelphia Judo School that teaches a “Modern Judo” style not bound by the rules of Sport Judo or the dogma of Traditional Judo. For well over twenty years we have practiced a contemporary urban application of the Art of Judo in Philadelphia. The techniques we use are simple and effective no nonsense ways to get maximum results from minimal effort. Umholtz Judo incorporates and has been influenced by many grappling systems and Martial Arts such as:

We train both with and without a Judo-gi, with weapons, and with strikes in order to facilitate a complete Mixed Martial Arts system utilizing the principles of Judo.

Umhotlz Judo instructors are friendly and courteous and work with beginner to Olympic level Judoka from around the globe. We train in a relaxed, informal atmosphere that promotes sharing and learning the technical and spiritual aspects of Judo. Providing Judo instruction to the Philadelphia Judo community, we are committed to keeping the Philadelphia Judo tradition and spirit alive.

If you are looking to compete or you just want to be in the same shape as a competitor, if you are interested in learning self - defense, if you enjoy the beauty and discipline of the Martial Arts, or if you would just like more information on Philadelphia Judo, please call or visit our school. Group Lessons, seminars, and private instruction are all available.

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