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Welcome to the Philadelphia Judo webpage. Please do not confuse "Umholtz Judo" with any other Philadelphia Judo club.

We are the original Philadelphia Mixed-Martial-Arts Club also know as "Philadelphia Jiu-Jitsu", founded in 1990 by International Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Instructor Damon Umholtz.

"Umholtz Judo" is a “Modern Judo” style not bound by the rules of Sport Judo or the dogma of Traditional Judo. For almost three decades we have practiced a contemporary urban application of the Art of Judo in Philadelphia. The techniques we use are simple and effective no nonsense ways to get maximum results from minimal effort. Unlike other Philadelphia Judo Schools and Sport Judo, we train both with and without a Judo-Gi, with weapons, and with strikes in order to facilitate a complete Mixed Martial Arts and Self-Defense system utilizing the principles of Judo.

We keep our webpage simple and encourage you to read our Google Reviews and call to personally speak with Sensei Damon Umholtz and to make an appointment.

Sensei Damon Umholtz
Sensei Damon Umholtz

Philadelphia Judo

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